As I grow older and become busier with work, I am always worrying that my face will lose its glow due to insufficient sleep and stress. Pimples and acnes often will have an outbreak when I am unable to distress adequately, which can be detrimental to a woman’s confidence. I’m always on the lookout for better acne treatments in Singapore and thankfully, I came across Kowato’s signature PPP Laser (pimples, pore and pigmentation) Rejuvenation process. I chose this clinic because I like Dr Wong Kee Seng very much, I feel he is a friendly, good-natured and humble doctor who is knowledgeable and patient.


Nice interiors and convenient location at 1 Raffles Link

Singapore PPP Laser

PPP Laser cleaning is great for clearing debris and sebum out of your skin without any extraction. Dirt is literally shot out of the face leaving the pores squeaky clean. It also acts an as effective acne treatment in the process.


Usually, pores will become enlarged when you squeeze the pimples out, which can lead to a worse outbreak and will even leave behind scars. Squeezing acne is a bad way to fix it and I highly recommend going for proper treatment if your acne problem is bad. Persistent acne is also a major cause for concern and you should seek professional treatment.

PPP as an Acne Treatment

How the PPP laser treats acne is that it serves to stimulate collagen and promote natural protein growth under your skin to give your skin a more rejuvenated feel. Acne is then effectively controlled since the pores will be minimized.

acne treatment singapore

PPP Lasering the nose area – slight prickly feeling but its over quickly

ppp laser singapore

Cheek area getting PPP lasered
After the PPP laser therapy, I can see a significant improvement in my skin tone, and all the backheads on my nose have cleared. I encountered no bruising and swelling during and after the therapy, and I find it very affordable for this level of acne treatment results in Singapore. 


Want to try this Singapore acne treatment? Give them a call at 6884 4280! Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic is at 1 Raffles Link #01-03B. Check out their website for details: