Botox – a very common term in Singapore’s beauty industry (but not everyone wants to admit it). What is it? Well, botox is essentially an injectable that relaxes your muscles and thereby smoothening fine lines and wrinkles that come with age. Botox is also used in Singapore for face slimming, jaw reduction, face lifts, sweaty palms, etc… the list goes on and on. Because of the way Botox works, it is very effective at jaw slimming, resulting in a more v shape face.


Botox-Dosage, face slimming

Botox Jaw Slimming for V Shape Face

Botox jaw slimming is such a common procedure that I now wonder how I ever lived without it. Here is a picture I found on the internet of using Botox at the jaw muscles (also known as the masseter muscle):

masseter-botox, face slimming

Being born with a squarish jaw and face shape, I have always wanted a more aesthetically pleasing V-shape face. So when I heard about Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore having a V shape face treatment which slims the jaw and creates a more V shaped chin, I was very excited to find out more, especially when I heard that it was  non-surgical and no downtime, which sounds like exactly when I am seeking for.

face slimming

Before proceeding, the doctor explains in detail what to expect for the jaw slimming procedure. Because it is my first time, the doctor spends extra time to describe the process.


face slimming

Botox jaw slimming is suitable for others like me with a more squarish jaw who want to have a v shape face. I’m convinced that this will benefit me greatly!

face slimming

Preparing for Botox jaw slimming injection

As this jaw slimming procedure is a pretty standard one in Singapore, there is no need for any sedation at all. The doctor only applied topical numbing cream and used an ice pack. Once I started to feel the numbness, the doctor injected Botox to my lower jaw area, exactly the area which causes square faces. I could hardly feel the pin prick, and because it happened very fast, it honestly felt like nothing to me.

Now all that is needed is to wait for 2 weeks for the effects to take place. I can hardly wait!

V Shape face achieved with Botox  jaw slimming!


welynafter, face slimming

Its been 2 weeks since and I’m very happy with the results of the jaw slimming procedure.  Absolutely no regrets. I highly recommend Dr Wong Kee Seng as he is very skillful, patient and confident. V shape face treatments are also a specialty of this clinic and I’ve seen many beautiful patients in his clinic going there for V face maintenance so he must be good! If you would like to visit him, do check out his clinic at 1 Raffles link, #01-03B, tel: 6884 4280. More info here.

Peace out  ^.^