No matter how many crunches you do, your belly fat isn’t going to disappear. You’ll build muscle but will still have the layers of fat on top. It’s time to get rid of the latter, and you can do that with these three tips.

Cut Out the Sugar

Eating fat isn’t causing you to be overweight (well, not as much). It’s the sugar content in your foods. It’s time to cut out as much sugar as possible, especially added sugar. Reduce your sugary treats and drinks, and switch to those that have natural ones. For example, a fruit salad may have natural sugars but it is better for you than that piece of chocolate cake.

Start by cutting out sugary drinks first and then work on the other treats. You’ll find the fat around your gut starts to disappear.

Add More Protein

While you’re cutting out added sugar, it’s time to focus on the foods that you can have. Protein is great for you and excellent if you want to lose belly fat. It breaks down in the body slower, so you feel fuller for longer. This then means you snack a lot less, without feeling like you’re starving yourself.

Protein is in a number of foods that you likely already have in the house. Lean meats, eggs and beans are excellent sources.

Do Aerobic Exercise

Just because crunches aren’t going to work, it doesn’t mean you can’t do any exercise at all. When you want to lose belly fat, think about aerobic exercises instead. These exercises make the body burn more calories, so your body takes them from the stored areas. When working with a calorie-reducing, healthy diet, you can really see the belly fat disappear.

You can still do your crunches, but not on their own. Add them in as part of your overall body workout.

Losing your belly fat isn’t impossible. It’s about changing your lifestyle and thinking about the things that will benefit you. Cut out the sugar and increase your protein levels to get started.