Whether it’s a sneaky chocolate bar when you come in from work or a full blown midnight binging session, we all enjoy good, tasting food but a lot of the time it doesn’t help us. It can contribute largely to excessive body weight and the obesity problems that many of us face today. So here are my top tips for gaining that flat belly that you wish you saw in the mirror.

Top three foods for a flat belly:

Olive oil – Including Olive oil in your foods and especially using it to cook with can be hugely beneficial to gaining that flat belly and keeps you healthy in the long run. It generally tends to lower the bad LDL cholesterol and increased the good one. This is due to the antioxidants which are at the very core of this food item.

Chicken – One source of food is highly beneficial for muscle gain and fat loss is protein. This is the foundation of the teachings of personal trainers all over the world. The largest source of protein (aside from protein shakes) is chicken. So in our view, the more chicken in your diet, the better.

Low- fat yogurt – This is a winner from all angles. It can be a great dessert after a boring salad or it can be a delicious breakfast if combined with fruit and cereal. Being very high in calcium, those important B Vitamins and packed full of protein, we cannot praise this product enough. So what are you waiting for? Go get one.

These three food items are full of goodness, if used right can create delicious meals that taste as good as their full-fat counterparts. By eating right and exercising regularly, you can lose that fat and get the defined sculpted body that you’ve wanted for years.