The science of hairstyling and all of the top experts in the field tell us that hairstyles help to slim the face. The trick is to match the correct style that complements your facial shape to achieve this. For those with a more round face, try cuts with layers. Perhaps look at asymmetrical bobs, bangs swept to the side, or soft curls. Other tips include super short styles, or adding some highlights to the picture. Here are some technical tips for those who are looking to slim that face down.


Asymmetrical bobs

Several celebrities have made this a timeless classic. In a regular bob cut, the hair is cut uniformly at about chin’s length. The problem with this cut is that those will a full-face shape will actually add perceived weight to the face. In the asymmetrical cousin to the cut, the hair is cut shorter in the back and swoops down toward the chin in the front, giving the appearance of a longer jawline.


Mess it UP!

A tight bun will do a couple of things: First, it will create the illusion of a longer neck – which is good, but it will also accentuate a round face instead of taking attention away from the shape. If you want to slim the face a bit and keep the long sleek neck, create a loose bun where some of the hair is falling out a bit, especially toward the top. Add some curls to the bangs that have fallen out to create a cute accent and draw attention away from the facial shape.


Add some layers!

Starting with some highlights that will add complexity to the hair and depth to your look, layers are important to those with a more round face. When you go to the salon, ask your stylist to add longer layers that fall on the sides of the face. This will add definition to your cheekbones and create the appearance of a longer face.