Passion for beauty has and never will die. The only thing that changes is standard.

Korea traditionally views big eyes with double eyelids and the pronounced nose a typical high standard of beauty. However, over time, the standard has started to move to the V-line face, where the jawline narrows and looks like a V. Women are focusing on producing more oval looks both surgically and non-surgically to help get this.

One anonymous plastic surgeon admitted that more people want to reduce facial size and create a V shape. This is also believed to be a more youthful look.

Doctors have added facial contour surgery or double-jaw surgery to help create the V shape. This is in addition to the usual jaw surgery on offer.

The contour options cuts away some of the cheekbone and jaw, helping to create a smoother, oval shape. With the double-jaw surgery, the jawbone is cut with the length shortened to make it look smaller.

There are non-surgical options, too. One of these includes Botox injections—also referred to as Botulinum toxin type A injections. The muscles are temporarily paralyzed for a few months, reducing the size of them. This is very common for jaws.

Surgical and non-surgical options have attracted tourists from around the world, especially the Chinese who regularly visit Korea for the surgery.

The Chinese traditionally visit for nose and eye jobs, but there are now many facial size and repeat operations according to industry insiders. Jonny Chung, overseas marketing director for Dream Plastic Surgery in Seoul says that more people are coming due to surgical complaints in their own country. More than 70 percent of Chinese patients are there for nose and eye operations after receiving surgery that was not professional in their own country.