Almost all of us wish we could change some of our features in one way or another. Fortunately, there is a world full of accessories, products, and methodologies that can help us reshape and define our face. Everything from makeup contouring to the right outfit can help you have a slimmer face that is also leaner. Here are a few ways you can take matters into your own hands.


Applying a contouring shade right underneath your cheekbones in a diagonal line headed to your ear, sets the basis for a good foundation and a properly defined face. As you apply your makeup, make a ‘fish face’ to find your cheekbones. Apply the shade directly along the sides of your nose and your temples. Next, add contouring color under your jawline to create a well-defined shape. Highlight the center of your forehead, the center of your nose, and the tops of your cheeks as well as your ‘cupid’s bow’ on the middle of your chin.

Blend all of the contour makeup with a blending brush or sponge until it looks natural against your skin. Add and blend your highlighter at the end with a professional blending tool. This process will lengthen out your features and recede areas you’d like to change.

How Clothing Can Help

Once your makeup is on point, the next step is to find an outfit that compliments your new contours. This includes wearing jewelry and clothing that transforms your face frame. We recommend long, slender earrings which can create a lengthening effect. Also, longer necklaces and v-shaped chains work well. Avoid chunky, large jewellery around your face.

You’ll want to wear v-necked blouses and shirts that offset the jewelry and continue the long vertical lines you’ve set forth. Solid colors are also a must, as they produce a slimming effect around the face and neck. Eliminate boat and round necklines as they can promote roundness in your face.


Your hairstyle creates a frame for your face and facial features. You want to keep darker locks around your face to create contrast. Soft, long layers are the best at framing your face and creating a longer silhouette.

Make sure to keep volume at the crown of your head by teasing your strands. The strands around your face should be smoothed straight or left in soft waves. Giant curls can have the opposite intended effect around the face.