Anti-aging treatments

When we get older our skin becomes drier and loses part of its elasticity, due to lower collagen synthesis. That gives our face a not very fine look and sometimes we seem older than we really are. There are a lot of ways to treat this kind of unwanted skin problems. Some of them require a surgical treatment, some of them don’t. The new methods of facelift Singapore treatments usually don’t mean a surgical intervention.

What could be done?

Many clinics use modern anti-aging techniques, so they can give opportunities to their clients to change the unwanted parts of their faces. In Asia for example, many people use the newest methods of anti-aging treatments like the facelift in Singapore.

The facelift is quite popular in Singapore nowadays.

More and more people who are willing to get anti-age treat are visiting the country. Every new patient is confident that he will receive appropriate consultation and treatment. The procedure can be applied to both genders: men and women. Sagging skin is most visible on the neck, the cheeks, around the lips and eyes and on the forehead. Surgery should be done by a dermatologist or surgeon in specialized place. Usually, the patient should stay in the hospital for post-surgery observation.  The result of the procedure could be seen in 1 to 2 months after the intervention has been executed. The duration of face lifting varies but it could last up to 8 years, which sounds very promising.

Depending on the client’s skin condition, the doctors recommend different types of facelift interventions.

Different face creams and masks are considered a mandatory daily treatment for wrinkles and aging skin. These cosmetics may vary from low cost to quite expensive once. They may contain a simple but very effective combination of herbs. Therapy with Vitamin C, caviar and honey has been known for a long time and is often recommended by the specialists of the facelift. Botulinum toxin has been widely used as an anti-aging method. By its introduction in certain area, it smoothes the skin and removes the wrinkles

There are also branded cosmetic labs, where products are produced under strict conditions and their formulas are kept under secret. Singapore dermatologists use a combination of exotic substances to create different cosmetics.

Singaporeans are famous with their smooth and gentle skin until elder age.

Various sets of cosmetic procedures are offered in cosmetic studios and clinics around the world. But most ladies can confirm that there is nothing else in the world like the facelift in Singapore. Usually, a patient should go through basic examination by a dermatologist. Together they will decide what does the patient want to treat and to improve, and what could be done in reality. With a modern cosmetic development, there are almost no impossible things, and everything can be optimized. Modern methods for anti-ageing treatment tend to treat skin, by stimulating its own cells to recover, instead of introducing chemicals or fillers within the body.

Comparing facelift surgical intervention with other non-invasive anti-age methods, we can say that each has its pros and cons. Each patient should be approached individually.