Word has been getting around on Taiwan’s famous 少女针 finally becoming available in Singapore. One of the pioneer clinics that brought it in is Kowayo aesthetic clinic. You can find out more about them by visiting their page or shop at One Raffles Link #01-03. 少女针 is actually called Ellanse. For those that are not familiar, Ellanse is actually the second generation of Sculptra, which is also famous for collagen stimulation.

Ellanse turns back your body clock by stimulating the collagen within your skin. By doing that, your skin starts to grow younger again. And it obviously works, which is why it’s gained such a cult status in Taiwan, Korea and China. But how safe is it? And why did Ellanse take such a long time to come to Singapore?

Ellanse v Dermal Fillers

Normally, conventional dermal fillers will only last 12-18 months but Ellanse can lasts much longer (2-4 years), thanks to sustained performance, complete bio-resorption and tuneable longevity. The only reason I can guess why it took so long to be available here is because we are a small country, and hence, a small market. Our government and authorities are also very strict on what they allow in Singapore. In fact Ellanse was started in Europe since 2010.

Is Ellanse Safe?

ellanse singapore

In Singapore, any injectible has to be officially approved by our local HSA (Health Sciences Authority). We have an extremely safe and good system here and it’s next to impossible for an unsafe drug to be approved by the authorities. As a result, I would say that Ellanse is now the perfect treatment for wrinkles and facial lines. As long as the doctor has experience and has been trained sufficiently, the treatment is completely safe and effective.

I also did some research online and found this rather amazing statistic: over the past twelve months alone, 90% of customers were satisfied on the basis of Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale. On the same scale, physicians found a slightly higher improvement average of 92%. By 90% of all patients, the treatments were considered good or excellent and they stated that they would be likely to return for a repeat treatment.

Sounds like good news for Singapore now that Ellanse is here. Will you be giving it a shot? I had mine done by Kowayo’s Dr Wong Kee Seng and so far, I’ve been very pleased with the results!