For a long time, I have not been happy with my squarish jaw line and having a “short” face does not help either whenever I gain weight.  On screen, friends have also commented that my face looks chubby and I noticed that I do not look good in certain camera angles. So when I heard about the Kowayo SygmaLift and how it can help to achieve a slimmer V-shape face with no downtime, I wasted no time at all to make an appointment on the very day itself!

welyn portrait

The Kowayo SygmaLift uses a combination therapy to achieve high-performance skin lifting, providing greater success for facial lifting and skin rejuvenation. SygmaLift uses a combination of:

  • Fractional ultrasound for face lifting
  • Cold laser for skin improvement
  • Collagen stimulation for facial remodeling

The Kowayo SygmaLift is a non-invasive treatment that treats wrinkles and saggy skin with no pain and downtime. It is indeed the gold standard for non-surgical face lifting with impressive results and high patient satisfaction. This means that after treatment, I can go back to filming straight away and feel like a million bucks!

welyncat sygmalift

After my first session of SygmaLift, my face appeared to look fairer and my skin appeared to be tighter as well.

second sygmalift session

After my second session of Sygmalift, I noticed significant lifting of my cheeks, reduction of my double chin and my face do not look as “square and short” as before the treatments.

third sygmalift

I did 3 sessions of SygmaLift in total and the results should last me for another good 6 months or so.

third sygmalift after

It has been a few weeks since I did my third session of SygmaLift and friends around me commented that I look more youthful now and I do love my well-defined jawline that look good from any camera angle!

welyn cat picture

Being an artiste, I need to look my best on and off screen to prepare myself for any role I took on and thankfully, I can always count on the expertise and professionalism of Dr Wong and his team at Kowayo Aesthetic to help me achieve the desired results in little or no downtime quickly.


Thank you Kowayo!

Welyn Cat


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